The Healthcare System We Would Like: Circulate Our Survey!

The Healthcare System We Would Like: Circulate Our Survey!

A special Survey aimed at Alumni and all of civil society will be online from 6 to 27 October, to offer specific proposals for change to those people making decisions regarding policies of the National Healthcare System.

Extraordinary Assembly 2014

Extraordinary Assembly 2014

On 25 November at 6:00 pm.

Beyond Stress Tests, the Future for Italian Banks

Beyond Stress Tests, the Future for Italian Banks

Dinner Speech with the President of Monte dei Paschi di Siena, former Bocconian of the Year (1998). Positive and negative aspects of the banking system, created during the crisis, the need for capitalization and opportunities related to new new digital business models. 25 November, for Members only.

BAA & Teatro Manzoni for 2015 Members

BAA & Teatro Manzoni for 2015 Members

The partnership has been renewed: also this year, BAA Members will sit in the front row orchestra seat section! 20% off on Prosa, Cabaret, Manzoni Family and Manzoni Extra. Find out more!

Register for Bocconi Run 2014!

Register for Bocconi Run 2014!

Sunday 9 November, at 10:00 am, via Sarfatti 25. 8km non-competitive foot race: registration is open to students, Alumni, faculty and staff, as well as family members and friends.


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  • Palermo

    Sicily and Private Equity

    A market analysis on Private Equity to highlight possible instruments in addition to ordinary credit for businesses in Sicily, conducted by Valter Conca, Associate Professor and Director of the Bocconi Laboratory "Private Equity and Finance for Growth" and Senior SDA Bocconi faculty member.

  • Modena

    People-oriented companies

    How can a modern HR bureau face latest world trends? In partnership with Bologna and Modena BAA areas.


  • Carlo Moser (Economic and Social Sciences, 1994)

    Appointed new Managing Director at...

  • Alberto Frausin (Business Administration, 1980)

    New President at Assobirra

  • Cristiano Talassi (Business Administration, 1995)

    Now the new Brand Director at Moët...

  • Ferruccio Chiesi (EMBA 11)

    Appointed as Legal Director at Martifer...

  • Mario Passetti (MBA, 2008)

    Mario Passetti is the new Sales and...

  • Antonio Radaelli (Business Administration, 2000)

    Appointed Marketing Director & Products...

  • Mario Tomasoni (Economic and Social Sciences, 1990)

    Appointed CEO at AEB Group

  • Tommaso Norsa (Business Administration, 1988)

    Appointed new President of Assobirra

  • Emanuele Saverio Arpini (Business Administration, 2002)

    Appointed Sales & Marketing Director,...

  • Angiolo Mannini (Business Administration, 2002)

    Appointed President of Young...

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