BAA and Il Sole 24 Ore

A month of Sole 24 Ore at the price of an Espresso

BAA offers to all its members a new partnership with Il Sole 24 Ore. The monthly subscription to the digital version of the newspaper will cost only 1 euro + VAT... less than an espresso and croissant.

The Multicultural Experience That Changed Your Life

The Multicultural Experience That Changed Your Life

The cover story of the next issue of viaSarfatti25 will be dedicated to the importance of multicultural experiences. Do you have a story to tell? Write to

Energizer Breakfast with Monica Mandelli

Energizer Breakfast with Monica Mandelli

Start your day with a Special Edition of the BAA Topic Breakfasts! On 7 May we will host Monica Mandelli, Managing Director of the Investment Banking division and head of Global Family Office Coverage Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs.

Global Alumni: Bocconi in Times Higher Education!

Global Alumni: Bocconi in Times Higher Education!

A child flying a whale-kite. This is the evocative image that represents the Sfida Possibile project, announced by Bocconi once again in 2015: a fundraising campaign to fund a multi-year investment program focused on students.

Are you an MBA? 2015 is your Reunion year

Are you an MBA? 2015 is your Reunion year

Sometimes they come back! From May 22 to May 24 here in Milan all the MBAs graduated in 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005, 2010 or the ones of current class of 2015. Creative workshops, gala dinner at Palazzo Mezzanotte, team cooking and golf. Promotional Fee expires on 28 April!


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  • Rimini

    Rimini Marathon

    A weekend dedicated to sport and outdoor activities: saturday, "Allenarsi a comunicare, allenarsi a correre". Sunday, Rimini Marathon 2015.


  • Andrea Di Fabio (Business Administration, 1997)

    Andrea Di Fabio has been nominated...

  • Elena Gelosa (Business Administration, 1993)

    Elena Gelosa has been nominated...

  • Luca Mignini (Business Administration, 1986)

    Former CEO at Findus Italy and...

  • Antonio Antonuccio (Business Administration, 1993)

    New Vice president, Middle East and...

  • Simone Puksic (Business Administration and Management, 2007)

    New Presidente of Insiel Spa

  • Tito Boeri (Economics and Social Sciences, 1983)

    Appointed new President of INPS

  • Francesco Ferri (Economis and Social Sciences, 2001)

    Appointed new Director of Autodromo di...

  • Carlo Moser (Economic and Social Sciences, 1994)

    Appointed new Managing Director at...

  • Alberto Frausin (Business Administration, 1980)

    New President at Assobirra

  • Cristiano Talassi (Business Administration, 1995)

    Now the new Brand Director at Mo√ęt...

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