Make a difference at the MBA Reunion 2015: Support merit

Make a difference at the MBA Reunion 2015: Support merit.

A SDA Bocconi MBA is much more than a Master: it is the access portal to a network of Alumni who support each other, and being Alumni also means encouraging younger classmates to take the same path.

Dinner Speech at Expo with Oscar Farinetti

Dinner Speech at Expo with Oscar Farinetti

It’s his time: Oscar Farinetti, patron of Eataly, is witnissing his philosophy come to Expo 2015, with 8000m2 of a Pavilion dedicated to his chain. We will meet him right at the Expo, on Monday 6 July at 7pm.

Career Consultancy: Maximize Your Role

Career Consultancy: Maximize Your Role

How to create an individual action plan aimed at professional development through: analysis of skills you possess and definition of your position on the market. Participation is free, June 17 at 6.30pm, for BAA Members and Alumni.

Energizer Breakfast with Fabio Leoncini

Energizer Breakfast with Fabio Leoncini

9 June - Start your day with a Special Edition of the BAA Topic Breakfasts! On 9 June we will host Fabio Leoncini, co-Founder and Managing Director at Innowatio Group.

The BAA Is Playing 11-a-Side at the Intercompany Challenge

Bocconi Alumni: now we have the soccer team!

At the first 11-a-side soccer championship dedicated to businesses in Milan, a group of Bocconi Alumni is represented among the teams registered. In our team two outstanding new members. Photos and the report cards! Next match on 25 May.


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  • Palermo

    18 June: Career Planning

    Planning your professional career is a creative process that is developed amongst uncertainty, choices to be made and times to reflect. Led by Claudio Ceper, former Egon Zehnder International senior advisor and Bocconi Alumnus.


  • Andrea Di Fabio (Business Administration, 1997)

    Andrea Di Fabio has been nominated...

  • Elena Gelosa (Business Administration, 1993)

    Elena Gelosa has been nominated...

  • Luca Mignini (Business Administration, 1986)

    Former CEO at Findus Italy and...

  • Antonio Antonuccio (Business Administration, 1993)

    New Vice president, Middle East and...

  • Simone Puksic (Business Administration and Management, 2007)

    New Presidente of Insiel Spa

  • Tito Boeri (Economics and Social Sciences, 1983)

    Appointed new President of INPS

  • Francesco Ferri (Economis and Social Sciences, 2001)

    Appointed new Director of Autodromo di...

  • Carlo Moser (Economic and Social Sciences, 1994)

    Appointed new Managing Director at...

  • Alberto Frausin (Business Administration, 1980)

    New President at Assobirra

  • Cristiano Talassi (Business Administration, 1995)

    Now the new Brand Director at Moët...

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