Improve your career with My Sweet Career

Improve your career with My Sweet Career

4 October. A chance for structured reflection about "who I am and how to combine passion and competence". For Alumni with at least 5 years of professional experience, including SDA Bocconi MBAs of current classes.

Bocconi Alumni Golf Trophy 2014 2nd competition

Bocconi Alumni Golf Trophy 2014 2nd competition

On 27/9 Amici Bocconi Trophy in Bergamo (1st competition: 20/6 Alumni Bocconi Trophy in Castelconturbia): discover the 2014 Special Final Prize!

Elite Racing Bike Tour

Elite Racing Bike Tour

Saturday 13 September: a visit to Passoni in Vimercate, world leader in luxury racing bicycles, and a meeting with the management. Then on to Montevecchia with tour leader Diego Caccia, who will treat us to his experiences and advice…

17 October: Alumnus Of The Year 2014

17 October: Alumnus Of The Year 2014

A must-attend event, with the traditional gala dinner in the Foyer of the Aula Magna, via Roentgen. The name of the 2014 winner will be announced soon. Registration is already open.

The Banquet of Alumni Senior 2014

The Banquet of Alumni Senior 2014

25 October. A celebration regarded highly by the BAA. The event will be in its 67th edition this year for graduates in the years 1974, 1964, 1954 and 1944.


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  • Marketing

    Breakfast with the MD of Amazon Italia

    The first 4 years of Amazon in Italy, as told by Martin Angioni, President and MD. 9 September: a new Energizer Breakfast dedicated to e-commerce, its misconceptions and the real barriers consumers are faced with.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Growth Shares: the Isagro case

    Growth Shares are a new tool for supporting entrepreneurs in developing industrial projects, while fully protecting investors if the entrepreneur relinquishes control of the company.


  • Ferruccio Chiesi (EMBA 11)

    Appointed as Legal Director at Martifer...

  • Mario Passetti (MBA, 2008)

    Mario Passetti is the new Sales and...

  • Antonio Radaelli (Business Administration, 2000)

    Appointed Marketing Director & Products...

  • Mario Tomasoni (Economic and Social Sciences, 1990)

    Appointed CEO at AEB Group

  • Tommaso Norsa (Business Administration, 1988)

    Appointed new President of Assobirra

  • Emanuele Saverio Arpini (Business Administration, 2002)

    Appointed Sales & Marketing Director,...

  • Angiolo Mannini (Business Administration, 2002)

    Appointed President of Young...

  • Massimo Babbi (Business Administration, 1987)

    Appointed President of the Board of...

  • Christian Christodulopulos (CLEA 2001)

    He is now Associate Partner at Long...

  • Roberta Segalini (Business Administration, 2000)

    Appointed Head of HR, EMEA Product...

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